Kris Kringle Ideas for Men

kris kringle ideas for men

Any who has experienced giving gift to a man knows that it’s a notoriously tall order. While men may seem to be easier to please than women, sometimes, the opposite is the truth. So, just how do you accomplish the task at hand? Here are some great Kris Kringle ideas for men:

  • A grooming kit. Men can be vainer than women – so in this case, a decent grooming kit will be the perfect gift. Grooming sets vary in content but these are just some of the most usual ones that you can find: toothbrush, comb, nail clippers, hair gel/wax, facial wash, cologne, face towel, and nose hair trimmer.
  • DIY tools. It’s a given that many men like to take things into their own hands – especially when it comes to fixing damages or creating DIY-furniture in their home. With this in mind, going for DIY tool set is a great option. Many DIY sets include some pretty basic tools such as pliers, screw drivers, hammer, drill and drill bits, Allen screws, ratchets, and the like.
  • Socks, ties, belts, and wallets. These are just some of the classic Kris Kringle gifts that men receive most of the time. With this in mind, it’s wise to settle for such all-time favourite if you want to play it safe.
  • Cooking set. Many will agree that men can really cook some mighty good meals – and it’s evident with majority of known chefs being male. So why not encourage your receiver’s kitchen flair by gifting him with a cooking set that you find in online stores or your neighbourhood home appliance store.
  • Travel sets. There are lots of gifts that belong to this gift idea and the great thing is that men will find them handy and helpful most of the time. Travel sets and items may include universal travel adaptor, USB car charger, digital luggage scale, hot/cold flask, and alcohol breather tester.

With these great Kris Kringle ideas for men, your once daunting task should be easier. Just take your pick from any of these fail-proof gift ideas and you’ll be expecting warm hugs from your receiver.


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